Geoplin was awarded Creditworthiness Rating AA Certificate

Published 8. 4. 2015

On the basis of a financial analysis made in 19 European countries by the credit-rating agency Bisnode, Geoplin was ranked among 4.2 % of best legal entities in Slovenia achieving Class AA position. 

In 2014, only 6,598 out of some 156,744 registered companies in Slovenia achieved Creditworthiness Rating AA. Geoplin was thus awarded Creditworthiness Rating AA Certificate.

Only the best companies can achieve Creditworthiness Rating AA. Those companies are an example of creditworthiness, reliability, credibility and represent a low-risk legal entity for all kinds of partners: clients, suppliers, insurance companies, banks and other business partners.

Certification has become an established practice in the international environment and a method for entities to further consolidate their reputation and trust in domestic and foreign business environment.

Companies with creditworthiness rating achieve above-average results and meet the criteria for reduced probability that they would experience any of the following in the next twelve months: 

  • bankruptcy, compulsory settlement or liquidation (<  0.32% probability)
  • deletion of entity from the companies register (<  1.15% probability)
  • blocking the entity's transaction accounts for more than 60 days without interruption or more than 90 days with interruption (<  1.33% probability)


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