Published 23. 7. 2015


40 years of business and continuing with ambitious plans for the future

The Geoplin Group celebrates 40 years this year. The parent company Geoplin is the largest natural gas trader in Slovenia and its subsidiary Plinovodi is the national natural gas transmission network system operator. This makes the Geoplin Group one of the key players in the Slovenian energy sector. To become and remain one of the largest in industry, one has to constantly invest in development, innovative products, infrastructure expansion and employees. Following the initial establishment of gas infrastructure and construction of the pipeline grid in Slovenia, the Geoplin Group expanded successfully to foreign markets. The Group has made all this possible in the last four decades because of its clear vision, hard work, and dedicated employees.

Boštjan Napast, President of the Management Board of the parent company Geoplin:

»The Geoplin Group has been development-oriented since its very beginnings. We operate in the international energy market, meaning that keeping up to date is crucial if one wishes to be competitive and successful. Expansion to foreign markets is vital as well. The parent company’s sales abroad accounted for 41% of the total sales volume in 2014. Our plan and ambition is to gradually further develop and strengthen our presence on foreign markets in the region.«

Sales income and volume of natural gas sales are increasing as well. If in 2000 total sales volume exceeded one billion m3 for the first time, they were up to 1.15 billion m3 last year alone, and the prospects and plans of the Group indicate further increase of operations. Furthermore, in spite of lower natural gas prices and fierce economic situation, Geoplin managed to generate last year an increase of nearly 8% in net sales revenue relative to 2013.

The expansion of the Geoplin Group abroad is an important part of its development strategy. To implement this strategy, the Group established a subsidiary in Croatia in 2014 - Trgovina i opskrba energentima d.o.o. This has proven to be a wise decision since the subsidiary has started to acquire new customers soon after its entering into the Croatian market. In addition to the above activities abroad, the parent company Geoplin is an active member of gas hubs in Austria, Italy and Hungary.

The development of the Geoplin Group is based on consistent implementation of its strategy and on constantly adapting its business model to market conditions and trends. As a key player in the energy market, Geoplin also introduces new services and innovative products through R&D, e.g. comprehensive energy-related services for improving energy efficiency and solutions for own production of energy. These too are being successfully implemented in foreign markets.


The most important milestones are represented in the infographic dedicated to the 40 years of Geoplin.

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