Strategic guidelines

Geoplin will maintain its position as the leading seller of natural gas in Slovenia, and will also focus its core and ancillary activities on neighbouring countries.

Strategic goals

slika vsebina

Geoplin focuses on performing and developing its core activity of natural gas trading, the optimisation of the purchase-sales portfolio and competitiveness, as well as the reliability of supply, the development and marketing of services to support the execution of sales agreements, the development of new markets, market segments and products, the development and marketing of energy services relating to energy efficiency and energy consulting, and on the search for new opportunities on the local energy market and beyond.


slika vsebina

To maintain the position of the leading and most widely recognised provider of natural gas in Slovenia and in the region, and further expand its core business activity. 

To adapt its range of products and services, as well as its activities to the needs of the market, and to ensure the competitiveness and reliability of supply. 

To seek new development and growth opportunities in the energy sector in Slovenia and beyond by offering a range of other energy products and services.