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What is natural gas?

Natural gas is a fossil fuel formed by the decomposition of organic substances. It is a mixture of various gases, comprising mostly methane or CH4 (up to 99%). Also present are ethane, propane, butane, particles of heavy hydrocarbons, nitrogen and carbon dioxide. Natural gas is extracted from underground deposits and then transmitted to users via underground gas transmission networks. More

What does the reliable supply of natural gas mean?

Based on a contractual relationship, Geoplin provides the reliable supply of natural gas to special customers in accordance with the relevant standards.

Special customers include households, and customers who perform healthcare, childcare, education, social security and similar activities. The law defines in detail the right of special customers to required quantities of natural gas, and ensures they are the last to have their supply cut. More

Where can households arrange the supply of natural gas?

Geoplin supplies natural gas to households and smaller commercial users in individual municipalities through a local natural gas trader. More

Where can I obtain information about the connection of a new major user to the gas supply network?

A connection means the physical connection of a potential user to the gas transmission network. A connection to the gas transmission network is, of course, a precondition for direct access to the aforementioned network.

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How is the price of natural gas set?

Depending on the type of agreement concluded, the selling price of natural gas changes with respect to the value of influential factors that are tied to the price of crude oil and petroleum derivatives, and the value of the US dollar.

Depending on the size and profile of an individual customer (load factor), a portion of supplied natural gas quantities may be billed based on the value of market indices under other conditions, where a different purchase, supply and receipt methodology is applied for these quantities of natural gas. More

Natural gas

  • Natural gas-powered vehicles are more environmentally friendly.

    Natural gas-powered vehicles produce 20% to 30% less CO2 emissions. More
  • Natural gas releases 20% to 50% less CO2.

    Natural gas releases 25% to 50% less CO2 per unit of energy generated for home heating or industrial purposes. More
  • Natural gas has a higher conversion factor.

    Natural gas is more efficient than other fossil fuels in the production of electricity or heat. More
  • Natural gas achieves a high efficiency rate.

    Natural gas can achieve an efficiency rate of nearly 100%. More
  • What is natural gas?

    Natural gas is a fossil fuel formed by the decomposition of organic substances. More
  • Natural gas can be as much as 100 million years old.

    The age of natural gas derives from the decomposition of prehistoric animals and plants. More
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