Major customers

Geoplin’s priority is to constantly ensure excellence in all aspects of cooperation with business partners. This means recognising the expectations and wishes of customers, the constant search for the optimal solutions regarding price setting and the flexibility of supply, and other terms of cooperation, while continuing to ensure the highest possible level of reliability in supply.

Geoplin supplies natural gas to industry, electricity producers, the non-commercial sector, service sectors and other natural gas suppliers for general resale to households and other commercial users.

Households and other users

Geoplin supplies natural gas to households and smaller commercial users in individual municipalities through a local natural gas supplier. To receive an offer or details about supply possibilities contact your local supplier directly.

If you are a non-household end-customer or would like to become one and there is no supply in your municipality, contact us.

Products and services

  • Natural gas-powered vehicles are more environmentally friendly.

    Natural gas-powered vehicles produce 20% to 30% less CO2 emissions. More
  • Natural gas releases 20% to 50% less CO2.

    Natural gas releases 25% to 50% less CO2 per unit of energy generated for home heating or industrial purposes. More
  • Natural gas has a higher conversion factor.

    Natural gas is more efficient than other fossil fuels in the production of electricity or heat. More
  • Natural gas achieves a high efficiency rate.

    Natural gas can achieve an efficiency rate of nearly 100%. More
  • What is natural gas?

    Natural gas is a fossil fuel formed by the decomposition of organic substances. More
  • Natural gas can be as much as 100 million years old.

    The age of natural gas derives from the decomposition of prehistoric animals and plants. More
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