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Natural gas

The many uses of natural gas

Natural gas is used for heating and cooling, cooking and hot water heating by households and in the retail, service and non-commercial sectors. Natural gas is used as a heat source in technological processes in industry, as a raw material in the chemical industry, and in electricity generation.

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Society and the environment

Natural gas plays an important role in the transition from carbon-based to carbon-neutral energy sources.

The environmental policy of the Geoplin Group focuses on reducing negative impacts on the environment, establishing better environmental conditions and preserving the environment for future generations. Natural gas produces the lowest amount of CO among all fossil fuels. Its transmission along underground lines does not pollute the atmosphere, and its production does not require a complex refining process.

Coal Coal 129.8% more emissions* than natural gas
Oil Coal 81.1% more emissions* than natural gas
from waste Coal 15.2% more emissions* than natural gas
Source: RTE-France.com * per unit of energy produced