Company and environment

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Natural gas is a key source for the eco-conscious supply of energy. The company extracts this primary form of energy from the bosom of nature and returns it to the environment responsibly with care. Through sustainable development, Geoplin contributes to the well-being of the current and future generations.

The environmental policy of the Geoplin Group focuses on reducing negative impacts on the environment, establishing better environmental conditions and preserving it for future generations.


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Geoplin is a sponsor and donor. Its sustainable development and social responsibility efforts were aimed also at reinforcing Geoplin’s positive image in Slovenia and the region, and exercising its ongoing commitment to contributing to the development and wellbeing of the local environment.

Geoplin’s sponsorship and donation strategy is balanced and diversified, supporting various sports events, professional athletes, cultural and artistic events, and professional conferences. The selection of sponsorship and donation recipients takes into account media coverage, outstanding results, events focused on knowledge exchange in energy, and more specifically gas area, whereas charity donations depend on the most pressing needs of people and the environment at a given moment.

Code of Ethics

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In his business operations, Geoplin adheres to the highest standards of corporate governance and ethical norms, reflected also in its Code of Ethics.

Safety and Health

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Natural gas is one of the highest quality fossil fuels, as it contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gases and improved air quality.
Natural gas must be used professionally and responsibly. Taking into account these facts, natural gas is a friendly fossil fuel.
In the event of problems or dangers relating to natural gas, contact the  transmission network system operator or a local distribution network system operator.