Why choose Geoplin?

2014 establishment of first Geoplin foreign subsidiary (Croatia)

2020 Geoplin’s share of sales to foreign buyers reaches 70% of total sales, we are operating in neighbouring countries and in the South East Europe region and wider (link to Foreign Operations)

Reliability of supply

slika vsebina
  • long-term and medium-term agreements concluded directly with various producers and suppliers of natural gas =˃ a reliable and stable supply of natural gas
  • a diversified purchasing portfolio and effective use of storage facilities =˃ an uninterrupted supply of natural gas even in emergencies (e.g. after the explosion of the Baumgarten natural gas hub in 2017, reduced supply during the Russo-Ukrainian natural gas crisis in 2009)
  • Geoplin provides all of its customers with a reliable and flexible supply based on diversified sources, including long-term supply sources in Russia and the European Union and purchases from natural gas hubs. It works with the world’s largest and best reputed suppliers of natural gas. One of Geoplin’s competitive advantages as a natural gas supplier is that it has concluded agreements with natural gas producers. The storage capacities that Geoplin has at its disposal, which contain additional quantities of natural gas, further add to the reliability of the supply of natural gas to our customers.


slika vsebina
  • more than 45 years of experience operating on the Slovenian and international natural gas markets =˃ 75% market share in Slovenia, contracts with the largest industrial customers in all economic sectors
  • expansion of operations and marketing natural gas on several European and Eastern European markets =˃ potential for optimisation of price and volume portfolio
  • services based on energy efficiency projects =˃ improved energy efficiency of our customers and society as a whole

Market innovations

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  • continuous improvement of products and services =˃ the latest trends in natural gas marketing in Slovenia and internationally
  • original products =˃ sole supplier of certain specialty products tailored to customer needs, and additional advantages when using those products
  • original services =˃ rapid response to changes on the market and assistance to customers in emergency / unforeseen circumstances

Other advantages

slika vsebina
  • supervision and a personal approach
  • regular monitoring, notification and provision of advice to customers
  • rapid response to customer needs

  • flexibility
  • adaptation to customers’ special needs
  • adaptation to unexpected changes

  • market competitiveness