GDPR Privacy Policy


The right to privacy is one of the most important human rights. Geoplin d.o.o. Ljubljana (Geoplin) respects its customers' privacy, therefore we handle all our customers’ personal data with due responsibility, care and in line with the rules and regulations applicable in the Republic of Slovenia and Geoplin's internal rules and bylaws. Only authorised personnel and contractual data processors have access to personal data and only in the scope and for the purpose necessary for ensuring smooth work processes, providing company’s services and fulfilling rights and obligations arising from agreements concluded with our customers.


Geoplin is a reliable natural gas provider and one of key energy companies in Slovenia, with decades of tradition. Our wish is to preserve this status and develop further. Geoplin is engaged in the energy-related activities of supply, trade, representation and intermediation on the natural gas market in Slovenia and neighbouring countries. In order to ensure reliable supply, Geoplin’s purchasing portfolio is well and appropriately diversified. Its core activity is combined with complementary services where special attention is dedicated to environmental management and socially responsible approach towards wider environment.

We are aware of the importance of personal data protection. Our customers are valuable to us and we understand their concern for privacy therefore we handle their personal data with due responsibility. We fully comply with our commitments to lawful, fair and transparent personal data processing. By applying appropriate security measures we prevent unauthorised persons to access personal data, we preserve confidentiality and integrity of personal data and prevent personal data from being lost or accidentally destroyed during processing.


Geoplin d.o.o. Ljubljana processes its customers' personal data in the scope and for the purpose of implementing agreements, i. e. natural gas supply agreements, agreements on purchasing energy solutions, agreements on using internet and mobile applications, and other agreements. Based on legal bases stipulated in agreements, personal data may also be processed, in the scope required, for the purpose of entering into an agreement, in the negotiation process, after receiving an individual’s offer or demand. In case services are provided online, the company guarantees all the necessary technological and organisational solutions to ensure complete security. The data is encrypted and transferred to Geoplin’s server in a protected form. The system thus prevents a third party to intercept the personal data that a customer sends to e.g. Geoplin Online.

Geoplin processes personal data of individuals also based on legislation, other treaties, EU rules and regulations and national legislation binding Geoplin to provide personal data of individuals to authorities and other data controllers in certain cases in order to exercise its or their legislative power or obligations.


Based on its legal interest, Geoplin processes personal data for the purpose of diminishing the risk of web site hacking (by ensuring information security, diminishing risk of unauthorised access to important business information, personal data and information system) and for statistical processing of data intended for reporting (only anonymised data is included in the reports).  

Geoplin collects personal data to record visits to its web site by using cookie identifiers so it can enhance the functionality of the website and customer experience, strengthen security, ensure uninterrupted functioning of the website and online services, and monitor the number of visitors to the web site and to online services. Geoplin uses the following cookies:

Group 1: They represent key cookies without which web sites or online services owned or managed by Geoplin will not function properly. Cookies are created when an individual files a form, registers or otherwise interacts with the web site by clicking on simple links.

Group 2: They are used for analysing visits to the web site or online services in order to enhance customer experience. An individual may accept cookies by clicking on a button at the web site or by continuing active browsing after having received a cookie notification.

Group 3: They comprise cookies of partner services such as Facebook, Twitter, Google etc. If a customer refuses to accept these cookies, they will not be placed, however this can make certain attractive web site functionalities unavailable.


Besides Geoplin (its employees), personal data may be processed by other data processors on behalf of and in the name of Geoplin. These may be companies providing Geoplin technical support at personal data processing, i. e. companies producing and maintaining computer applications, web sites and information services; companies developing and implementing software solutions; printing offices, insurance companies, companies providing delivery services, outsourced sales representatives, market, research and analytical companies, outsourced marketing agencies and event organizers; companies representing Geoplin at concluding and implementing of agreements, including enforcement and potential judicial proceedings.

In case your personal data is transferred to third countries or organisations or companies having their headquarters outside EU, i.e. in the countries not governed by laws protecting the right to personal data protection, as it is the case in the European Union or Slovenia, Geoplin will take and implement appropriate measures to protect your personal data so that fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals be respected in line with the applicable national and EU rules and regulations.


By submitting a written request to Geoplin d.o.o. Ljubljana, Cesta Ljubljanske brigade 11, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, an individual may ask for access, update, correction, blocking of or restriction of processing of or deletion of their personal data, object to their personal data processing and ask for a transfer of their data.

An individual has the right to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner of the Republic of Slovenia if they believe their personal data is stored or otherwise processed contrary to applicable rules and regulations on personal data protection.


Geoplin will process personal data in the scope necessary for accomplishing the purposes of data processing and until it is necessary for achieving the set goals of processing; where processing is based on consent, personal data will be processed until withdrawal of consent.

Geoplin will process personal data until the purpose of processing is achieved or taking into account limitation periods set for fulfilment of obligations that could arise from personal data processing, particularly when personal data processing is necessary to conduct or implement an agreement, with the exception of cases where storage periods of personal data are stipulated by law. In these latter cases, Geoplin will store data in line with legal obligations.

May 2018