Ensuring a reliable supply

Geoplin ensures the highest level of reliability of supply of natural gas through long-term natural gas sources direct from producers, and through short-term purchases from European gas hubs, where it works with the leading global suppliers of natural gas.

The company leases storage capacities on neighbouring markets to ensure strategic reserves of natural gas, while access to the Slovenian market is ensured through the sufficient leasing of uninterrupted transmission capacities.

Sources and transmission routes

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Through its link to the pipelines of neighbouring countries, the Slovenian gas transmission network is an integral part of the European network. Geoplin is Slovenia’s largest natural gas trader, and one of the most important companies in the Slovenian energy sector, with many years of tradition. The company supplies natural gas to large customers based on multi-year or short-term agreements. Customers are provided a competitively priced and highly reliable supply from several purchasing sources and storage facilities abroad, and through the transmission of natural gas via international pipelines, from the shipping points of foreign suppliers to the Slovenian border.
The efficient transmission of natural gas from remote pumping stations to end-users is possible via international high-pressure transmission pipelines. Prior to transmission, a technological process is used to clean natural gas of impurities and other unsuitable matter. The delivery of natural gas via pipelines is made possible by compressors that increase the pressure in the pipes and propel the gas forward. Compressor stations are located every 70 to 180 km. 

Geoplin currently provides Slovenia with a reliable supply of natural gas via transport routes leading from Russia and individual hubs on the European gas market, in a combination of long-term agreements and short-term purchases. Natural gas at the trading hubs on the European market is pumped from Europe, Northern Africa and Russia. In addition to pipelines, liquefied natural gas supplied from European gas terminals is also used in transport. 

Use of storage facilities

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Using underground natural gas storage facilities, Geoplin balances customer demand and the supply from natural gas producers, and thus optimises its portfolio. Underground storage facilities also improve the reliability of supply in the event of limited supply of natural gas from abroad or due to extraordinary weather conditions.

Long-term sources, direct from producers and reliability of supply

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Geoplin trades and acts as an agent and broker on the natural gas market in Slovenia and in neighbouring countries. The company provides a reliable supply of natural gas to special customers in accordance with the relevant standards and on the basis of a contractual relationship. Special customers include households and customers who provide healthcare, childcare, education, social care and similar services. The law defines in detail the right of special customers to minimum required quantities of natural gas, and ensures they are the last to have their supply cut when supplies are reduced.

Geoplin forecasts natural gas consumption for its balance group, which serves as the basis for balancing the demand and supply of natural gas to the gas supply network. The end result for customers is the optimisation of costs while providing the highest level of reliability of supply. A diversified purchasing portfolio, the use of storage facilities and long-term agreements ensure a reliable supply of natural gas, while the development of the European gas market requires a greater presence on gas hubs, through which short-term trading brings the necessary flexibility and the tracking of daily prices. Geoplin will continue to strive for efficient and high-quality supply to its customers. It is therefore expanding intensively across European gas markets.

Balance group

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Geoplin offers balancing services in accordance with customer needs and the predictability of their consumption. Large industrial customers may independently forecast their daily natural gas consumption, and thus help optimise the costs of deviations from the balance group and reduce natural gas costs when a precise forecast is made. Geoplin offers other customers the comprehensive service of equalising the price of natural gas. A balance group is a group of one or more market players with the accompanying receipt-delivery points, which is created by a natural gas supplier and for which the market organiser calculates the balance of energy inflows and outflows. A balance group is part of a balance scheme and includes a balance statement, which in turn includes the monitoring and billing of deviations from the delivery and consumption of natural gas with respect to schedules. The supplier issues a customer consent for inclusion in a balance group, provided that the latter has a valid agreement on the supply of natural gas.

Current natural gas transmission pipelines and development plan