Setting development milestones and providing a bright and warm future for more than 40 years.


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Establishment of the Natural Gas Sector at what was then Petrol and the signing of a self-management agreement to pool funds to implement the programme to supply natural gas to Slovenia.


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Establishment of the company and transformation of the sector to Petrol TOZD Zemeljski plin.


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Start of construction of the Slovenian gas transmission network.


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Start of transmission of natural gas to Croatia and supply of natural gas from Russia to Slovenian customers.


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Multiple changes to the legal status of the company, expansion of the natural gas network, connection of new customers and improved reliability of supply through the use of leased storage facilities, and the supply of natural gas from Algeria (1992) and Austria (2001).


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Geoplin d.o.o. Ljubljana has maintained the activity of natural gas trading while the function of natural gas transmission network system operator is performed separately by the subsidiary Geoplin plinovodi d.o.o.


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Certification of the subsidiary Plinovodi d. o. o. as an independent operator of the gas transmission system.


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Expansion of company and its sales abroad..

Offer of comprehensive energy-related services.


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Establishment of a subsidiary in Croatia which received all necessary permits to trade natural gas and to register its own balance group.

Active member at gas hubs in Austria, Italy and Hungary.

Implementation of energy management projects for setting up CHP units (implementation and start-up of CHP units).


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Geoplin's share of sales to foreign customers in the region exceeded 70% of total sales, and we operate in neighboring countries and the region of South-Eastern Europe and beyond.