Ski association press conference at Geoplin

NEWS | 6. 3. 2024

Before the Raw Air tour, on 5 March 2024, ski jumpers gathered at Geoplin and presented to the media their plans and expectations for the upcoming tour.

The General Manager of Geoplin, Matija Bitenc, also welcomed the athletes and said: "It is an honor for us that the company Geoplin has been sponsoring for more than ten years ski jumping, which is part of Slovenian tradition and folklore. You make us happy again and again and show how to fight for the Slovenian colors, for your own success and the success of the team. Persistent, determined, with the belief that you can push the limits. These are the values ​​that can be easily transferred to any part of life, including the economy. So thank you for being our a role model.”

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